Our Story

Their mutual connection to the music production was instant! Their ears for different sounds and individual styles allowed them to synergize creating a powerful infusion of sounds. 
Phon Doe, was musically influenced by OutKast, Mannie Fresh, Timbaland and remembers making music as early as 15.  Over the years he has focused in on building his music business knowledge base expanding his professional network to expand resources and refine his skills from a technical and functional sense.  Phon Doe self-taught with the piano as he saw the value of keys as an ingredient to his production recipes increasing his value proposition and talents as a producer.

BooYah, was musically influenced by J Dilla, DJ Premier, OutKast and he dates his interest and passion back to  the age of 13! Always loving to mix things up a bi,t he has a loves architecting a solid production platform and innovating.  Many things inspire or influence his creativity, but BooYah has a sharp ear and is constantly refining his ear for sounds and his overall craft to keep his innovation and production prowess on point.

With shared vision, together they are creating more than a “buzz” up & down the mid-west and southern regions and online.  Creating what many consider as “magic” as they are becoming well known for their dynamic collaboration, strong work ethic and powerful production styles.  The two have partnered to create under movement and supportive fan base of people who support their authenticity and embrace their strengths around sound, recording, mixing and overall production.These Alabama producers strive to provide production solutions and end to end guidance for artists as they develop their sound.
Within their production, you can hear elements of passion, grit and determination.  They have a variety of sounds for clients and are geared to expand nationally and globally.  As far as the future, these two are laser focused on branding and building their production catalogue.  Collectively, they are planning for a series of face to face meetings with industry powerhouses and trips to producer focused events/festivals to increase their knowledge and visibility in the market. Their goal - to push the mobility of their product, merchandise and overall brand.